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5 Easy Merchandising Jobs That Anyone Can Do To Earn Extra Cash

5 Easy Merchandising Jobs

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Merchandising companies play a crucial role in ensuring products are displayed and promoted effectively in retail environments. With the increasing reliance on technology, many of these companies offer opportunities for individuals to use their smartphones to complete merchandising tasks. I'll show you 5 easy merchandising jobs below:

5 Easy Merchandising Jobs

  1. Survey.com:
    • Overview: Survey.com is a well-known merchandising company that allows individuals to use their smartphones to conduct retail audits, gather data, and ensure product compliance on store shelves. They offer various assignments, such as price checks, product placements, and planogram compliance. To begin with every person is offered up to 3 “training” jobs – that you are paid for. The secret to working for Survey is to find 3-4 jobs that you would like to do, and then send them a message in the app asking for a route with higher pay. I've always had great success in getting $4.00-$6.00 higher then the listed fee by asking for a route. Survey is my #1 favorite for easy jobs and fast pay!
    • How It Works: Download the Survey.com app, browse available tasks in your area, and complete them using your smartphone. You may need to take photos, answer questions, and provide feedback on store conditions.
  2. CXG:
    • Overview: CXG is a company with a large amount of jobs available. They focus on cosmetics and fashion. They focuses specifically on product merchandising, such as setting up displays, replenishing stock, and ensuring that products are well-presented in stores.
    • How It Works: Similar to Survey.com, go to CXG, download their app, let them know I sent you, and browse for available jobs. This company pays the month following your work, so make sure to account for that.
  3. Field Agent:
    • Overview: Field Agent is a merchandising platform that provides opportunities for users to complete various tasks, including price checks, product placements, and audits.
    • How It Works: Download the Field Agent app, search for jobs in your area, and use your phone to gather data, take photos, and provide real-time information about store conditions. You then earn money for each task you do.
  4. Customer Impact:
    • Overview: Customer Impact is a mobile merchandising app that offers tasks related to in-store retail audits and product placements. It's very user-friendly and allows individuals to earn money while shopping. They will send you a company lanyard to wear, or you can just show your id on your phone.
    • How It Works: Go to Customer Impact, and sign up to be a merchandiser. You can then choose from available tasks by the zip code you will be in or around. Accept the ones that interest you, complete the assignments, and get paid for your work. Sometimes these assignments require items to be mailed to you, so make sure you are reading the assignment carefully.
  5. Gigspot:
    • Overview: Gigspot is a platform that connects you with multiple companies who are looking for workers. It offers various tasks, including retail audits, price checks, and promotional campaigns and mystery shopping.
    • How It Works: Download the Gigspot app, find gigs in your area, complete the job using your smartphone, and receive payment for your efforts.
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I've personally worked with all five companies and love them all! These five merchandising companies provide people with opportunities to use their smartphones to earn money by completing different small jobs. Whether it's conducting store audits, checking product placements, or setting up displays, they offer flexibility and convenience, allowing you to work on your own schedule. If you're looking for a side hustle or a way to earn extra income, give these apps a try. Happy merchandising!

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If you're like me, and need something to keep track of the jobs you are scheduled to do, and when you need to do them – I created a tool to help with that! It's totally free! Get your side hustle tracker. I love to share ideas that can make you more money, so if you're looking for something you can do more from home, check out my post on Making Money Sewing as a Side Gig, or this one by The Penny Hoarder about freelance seamstressing.

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