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How to Make Quick Cash: 3 Merchandising Apps

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Cha-Ching Chat$ Podcast – How to Earn More Money

In a recent episode of our *Cha-Ching Chats Podcast*, my co-host, Cheryl and I talked about a few quick cash opportunities, with a few lucrative side gigs that I've personally done that can help you earn money fast. We talked about the ins and outs of merchandising companies and I shared some practical tips for anyone looking to boost their income on the go. In case you missed it, or you're looking for more info about them, I'll share some more info below.

Trusting Your Merchandising Resources

The gig and side hustle economy continues to thrive and provide so many new opportunities to make money. However, it's hard to know what jobs are real and who you can trust to suggest side hustles that will actually earn you money. That's why I'm only sharing companies here that I have personally worked with. As someone who has earned thousands extra last year through merchandising apps, all while holding down another job,

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Merchandising Adds Up

I’m here to share how these seemingly small paid tasks can really scale up your income with consistency. By taking on numerous short projects offered through these three platforms like Survey, Observa, and Field Agent, diligent “retail representatives” or “independent contractors” (depending on what each company titles their workers) have the potential to bring in some serious cash.

Merchandising Scaling Potential

Survey Merchandising

Let’s break down the earning potential of each app on their own. With Survey, you can expect jobs paying $10-25 to audit stores in your area. If you dedicate just two hours daily accepting all available work within a 5 mile radius, averaging 3 stores per day at $15 each, that’s $45 daily or $1,350 monthly. Scale it up to four hours daily and now we’re talking $90 a day or $2,700 per month.


Over at Observa, surveys tend to pay $5 each and can be completed in 10-15 minutes. Working one hour during lunch daily to knock out 4 surveys translates to $20 extra daily or $600 monthly. Up that to two hours and you’re at $40 per day or $1,200 monthly.

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Field Agent

Field Agent tasks usually pay $5-10 each but can often be finished in under 30 minutes. Spending an hour accepting all nearby assignments results in $15-20 daily, or $450-600 monthly at a conservative estimate. Double the hours and your daily take jumps to $30-40, or $900-1200 monthly.

So as you can see, each app offers the potential to bring in $500-2,700 monthly just by dedicating a few hours here and there. But what if instead of focusing on one, you integrated work from all three platforms into your routine? That’s where the big money-making potential comes in. In the next part, I'll show you some examples of how finding pockets of time can grow your money even faster! If you're concerned you don't have any time available, check out my FREE Time and Money Tracker and it'll help you visualize bits of time you can work a few gigs. Use code “groupmember” to get it FREE!

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Merchandising As a Part Time Job

By treating merchandising apps like a part-time “job” and prioritizing them for a few dedicated hours daily, your earnings can scale exponentially through multitasking across platforms. For example, during your lunch break you could:

Knock out 2-4 Observa surveys ($10-20)
Audit 1-2 nearby stores on Survey ($15-30)
Wrap up 1-2 quick Field Agent tasks ($5-20)

Boom – that’s $30-70 extra to start your day, all accomplished within an hour lunch period by seamlessly switching between apps. Scale this out over a full week and you’re earning an additional $150-350 without breaking a sweat!

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Merchandising In Spare Pockets Of Time

The key is learning to fluidly accept any available work showing across Survey, Observa or Field Agent whenever you have spare moments – whether commuting, running errands, or even watching TV. There are lots of ways to sneak in extra pockets of time, for example:

Audit 1-2 extra stores weekly on Survey while grocery shopping ($15-30)
Squeeze in 1-2 Field Agent jobs after dinner on the way to the gym ($5-20)
Take an Observa survey before bed each night ($5)

Doing this could allow you to bring in an additional $800-1200 per month while incorporating tasks into your regular routine. This example isn't even dedicating major time blocks – just optimizing moments here and there.

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Being Organized In Merchandising

It's important to note that being organized really helps while using these apps. Within our Cha-Ching Chat$ Mastermind group, I have a free spreadsheet you can use to track your jobs date, location, payment, company, expenses etc.

So if you’re looking for extra income to help boost your retirement, emergency fund, or to help pay your monthly bills, these apps present a truly viable side income by scaling up small earnings. I can average 3-5 concurrent projects daily across platforms, prioritizing speed and efficiency.

After a year, you can earn an additional part-time income of over $15,000 with minimal effort. Commit to trying 10 jobs with each company so you can see how you get faster each time you do them. That's where the magic happens. Then, just keep it consistent – keep those small daily dollars flowing in and watch how fast they add up over weeks and months.

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Merchandising With A Mastermind Group

I hope sharing these companies provides ideas you can use to maximize your own merchandising app earnings. I will continue to bring you more companies that can help bring in a side income to your life.

We want our Cha-Ching Chat$ podcast to be a roadmap to financial independence, for you, and we are dedicated to helping others thrive. We have a mastermind group you can join where we share financial tip to be a comprehensive resource so that you can be empowered financially to live the life you want. Join the Cha-Ching Chat$ mastermind!

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