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How to make 120k per year by writing a blog

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Make 120k per year

I've always been a goals girl. I like the thrill of having a goal and then achieving it. Personally, I like to take big mountain goals and break them down into smaller pieces so I have smaller goals I can achieve that keep me motivated to do the next bigger goal. I broke down my goal to make 120k per year by blogging with my goal planner sheet.

If you'd like to get a free copy of my goal planner sheet, I'd love share it with you. Let me know what goals you're working towards!

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My blogging business goal is to achieve a steady income and make $120k per year by the end of 2026. To make this dream a reality, I've broken down my income into four key categories: Membership, Affiliates, Digital Products, and YouTube. I've also established monthly income goals, with the aim of earning $3,000 in each of the first three categories and $1,000 from YouTube by December 2026.

Earnings Goal Breakdown:

  • Membership: $3,000 per month
  • Affiliates: $3,000 per month
  • Digital Products: $3,000 per month
  • YouTube: $1,000 per month

How I plan to achieve these (perhaps overly ambitious) goal to make 120k per year over the next few years is by breaking down everything into small sections.  It’s been said, the way to eat an elephant is one bite at a time, so whenever I have a goal I want to achieve, I reverse the goal and break it down into smaller bits. Personally, I thrive on trying to achieve multiple small wins versus looking at the goal as one big mountain to climb. 

Woman in a Blue Top Looking at Paper

Breaking it downIncome of $120k per year

January 2024: The Journey Begins

In January 2024, I'm setting my sights on a monthly income of $83 from each of my mastermind membership group, affiliates, and the digital products I create, as well as a humble $27 on Youtube. It's a modest start, but every journey begins with a single step. I'll be focusing on creating high-quality content and starting to build a loyal readership.

February 2024: Steady Growth

With the foundation laid in January, I'm looking to increase my monthly income to $166 for each of the main three and then bump Youtube income to $54.00.  This is where I'll begin implementing strategies to attract more visitors and add more items to my digital product library. 

March 2024: The Power of Affiliates

By March, I plan to have my affiliate marketing game strong. I'm aiming to double my income to $332 by promoting products and services that align with my blog's niche, and that I feel will help my readers. 

April 2024: Diving into Digital Products

As we head into spring, I'm ready to launch more digital products. Whether it's e-books, courses, or other offerings, I'm targeting a monthly income of $498 for the big three and a meager $108.00 on Youtube.

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May 2024: Building Membership

Membership is a great way to create a community of like minded individuals and offer exclusive content. By May, I'm looking to increase my monthly membership subscriptions. This will bring income to $581 through the big 3 and I’ll keep plugging away at Youtube with a goal of $135.  At this time, I hope to be able to post on Newsbreak.

June 2024 – December 2026: Steady Growth

Over the next couple of months that roll into years, I'll continie on my path to make 120k per year while (hopefully) my income goals for each category will steadily increase. I'm dedicated to consistently providing value to my audience and expanding my reach in order to help the most people to change their lives through financial security. 

By December 2026, my personal goal is to have reached 20k people to make small changes in their lives that will allow them to be on the path to financial security.  I will be excited to see my monthly income reach $3,000 for Membership, Affiliates, and Digital Products, and $1,000 for YouTube. These earnings will accumulate to a $120,000 annual income, which is my financial goal.

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Final Thoughts

The goal of this blog is to help others achieve financial security in a variety of ways. If you're also on a similar journey of financial freedom, feel free to share your thoughts and experiences in the comments. What’s your big mountain goal? Drop a comment below. I’d love to help you on your path to success! If you're looking for quicker ways to increase your income, check out my post on 5 easy merchandising jobs, or my beginners guide to selling on eBay.

I have no wishful thinking that this will be an easy journey. I know it’s going to be a tremendous amount of work. Yet I feel it’s worth it both personally, professionally and financially. Setting specific income goals and breaking them down into manageable monthly targets is my strategy to stay on track and motivated. 

If you're interested in blogging as a part-time or full-time job, I encourage you to check out the free course – Blogging Foundations by Sadie Smiley. She's a six figure blog earner and a wiz at making beautiful blogs.

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